Friday, August 5, 2011


Basically, I was unaware of the mailing system and that they do not work on saturdays....(Lord give me the patience to not call the business card place and say that their 3 day business card advertisement is LIES).  So, I get my cards on Monday. I've been continuing my "homeless of NY" project. The responses have been nothing but graciousness and filled with kindness, and I'm pleased that it is going smoothly...
Recently, I met some especially lovely gentlemen named Robbie and Charlie...Though he prefers to go by his full name Charlie Bernstein (love the classy full name introduction). They were two joyful best friends who sit on the same 3 ft. tall brick wall "seven days a week, morn to 7:30", they were quite characters and the kindness that they showed not only to me but also to each other was beautiful. After initially meeting them I went to class, and then afterwards wrote them a little note before going to get some dinner and ice cream bars for them.... in the note there are a couple of my favorite verses at the moment...

I hope it will bring them comfort during these hard times and circumstances they're faced with.

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