Wednesday, August 3, 2011


TODAY, as I promised I would I set out to find the lady whom I had passed many times on my way to frozen yogurt. On my way there, I stopped at K-Mart and picked up; capri suns, chewy granola bars, Hershey chocolate bars, and crackers. I walked around my area in which I knew I had seen homeless individuals. I met a lot of people with beautiful souls and minds behind there face that was filled with sadness as I would walk up to them. I met...
All of which I throughly enjoyed meeting. Especially Jerome who's like the coolest guy ever.
After accepting the snacks that I hesitantly offered, scared that I was going to offend him, I introduced myself shook hands with him, and the biggest personality came bursting out of him!
We talked about how I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist, which proceeded to him begging for my autograph since he seemed to think I was going to be famous one day.... naturally I didn't hesitate to accept that offer. He had more joy in him than anyone else I have ever met in New York. We even snapped a digi-pic on my cell. I explained to him my "mission" and this blog. And he thought it was a beautiful thing I was doing. Which I appreciated greatly. I pray that I made his day.
Everyone except for Arminio, who couldn't speak well and got increasing frustrated when I couldn't understand him, was overjoyed by this simple act, and said that I made their day better. Which was my goal.
Here's the digi-pic that I took of me and Jerome... he's so awesome.

So, I'd say that this was a sucessfull start to a beautiful project...
Today I got:
3 "fistbumps"
1 hug
6 hand shakings
3 kisses on the hand
8 smiles

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